HFP Annual Speaker Series
Tuesday, October 19th - YOU CAN HOST!
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Promo photo Doug and book.jpg

Featuring Doug Tjapkes,
HFP Founder and Author, "Sweet Freedom"


Guest Musician:
Veena  Kulkarni-Rankin

Concert Pianist, HFP Board Member

We have an exciting new idea for this year’s event...a unique way to spread the news about our amazing work. Because it’s still difficult to meet as a large group, there will be many small "viewing parties" throughout the state, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn about HFP, watch Doug present as this year's featured author, and enjoy food and drink with one another in a COVID-safe setting. It can be in your home or the venue of your choice.


Contact our office for details at 616.935.0075 or info@humanityforprisoners.org. We will provide all the resources and materials necessary (you just have to cook!) and walk you through every step of the evening.