HFP Welcomes
Susan Burton

October 13th - 7 p.m.
Lakeshore Middle School

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Humanity for Prisoners (HFP) is excited to announce the return of our in-person speaker series in October by welcoming to Grand Haven Susan Burton, author of Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women.

Since 2017, we have heard compelling presentations from Father Greg Boyle, Sister Helen Prejean, Piper Kerman, Alex Kotlowitz, Jim Wallis, Jennifer Thompson, Ronald Cotton and our own founder, Doug Tjapkes.   Each speaker helped raise awareness of issues within our criminal justice system while highlighting the ongoing work of HFP providing personal, problem-solving services for inmates who don’t know where to turn. 

Continuing in that tradition, author and activist Susan Burton will give a public address in Grand Haven on Thursday, October 13 at Lakeshore Middle School.   Ms. Burton will recount her own journey through the criminal justice system and her transformation into a life of advocacy.

After a childhood of immense pain, poverty, abuse, and the tragic loss of her son, Ms. Burton’ life descended into addiction, which in turn led to arrests and incarceration. She cycled in and out of prison for more than fifteen years. When she finally received treatment, her political awakening began and she became a powerful advocate for “a more humane justice system guided by compassion and dignity” (Booklist, starred review). Her award-winning organization, A New Way of Life, has transformed the lives of more than one thousand formerly incarcerated women and is an international model for a less punitive and more effective approach to rehabilitation and reentry.

Reviews of the book have been powerful:

             “Susan Burton’s life and work are a testament to the power of second 

              chances and the impact one person can have on the lives of others.

             Her book is a stirring and moving tour-de-force—a beautiful inspiration

             for all of us to continue to fight for justice.”

                            —John Legend, actor, singer, and songwriter



           “Susan’s life story is one our nation desperately needs to hear and understand.

           This is a story about personal transformation and collective power. It is about

            one woman’s journey to freedom, but it will help free us all.”

                  —Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow


Ms. Burton’s book is available at The Bookman, 715 Washington Ave. in Grand Haven. In preparation for the event, a book study group will be hosted at the Bookman on October 11th. 

Please join HFP and the Bookman, as a sponsor to bring Susan Burton to our community.  Your sponsorship will include a dinner reception with Ms. Burton prior to her presentation. 

Your help will ensure that event costs are covered and 100% of ticket proceeds will support the good work of HFP. We would love to include your name on our sponsorship roster, although anonymous sponsorships are also welcome.

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