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It didn't have to be this way!

Lurking in the shadows of the coronavirus crisis in Michigan is a sub-title, a sub-heading. There’s a related potential crisis that is ready to explode, and if it does, we’ll have a disaster beyond belief. That tinderbox is made up of Michigan’s 30 prisons. We’ve got ourselves a mess! There are 38,000 women and men living in our state prisons, they’re getting sick, they’re dying, and if we don’t do something about it right now that situation is going to get completely out of hand. The sad thing is, it didn’t have to be this way. For years we’ve been complaining. By “we,” I mean all of the fine prisoner advocacy agencies in our state. HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS is the only agency that specializes

Something's gotta happen! Now!

The fuse is burning. I fear a pending explosion! We can’t wait any longer. The plight of prisoners didn’t get ranked number one in the Governor’s set of priorities, and perhaps that was explainable. People are dying of the coronavirus. Hospitals are jammed. Doctors and nurses are frustrated with equipment shortages. The President and the Governor can’t get along or don’t want to. But the prison situation cannot be ignored any longer. We’re talking about 38,000 people here, all caged in Michigan’s 30 prisons. 2,000 of these people are women, all in one facility in Ypsilanti. We started repeating some of the stories, but they’re too common now. Too many of them sound the same. In these overcro

It's not a relaxed pace, Maurice! Belated Happy Bday!

Maurice Carter’s birthday quietly slipped past yesterday. All of his friends still living huddled in their homes, fearing for their lives in the midst of a pandemic. Marcia and I, now 83 years of age, remained in seclusion nursing our own non-virus respiratory ailments. No celebrations. Not even any quiet observances. He deserved better. Maurice Henry Carter would have been 76 on March 29. We lost him in 2004, just three months after his release from prison. BUT, what a legacy! Today, HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS is thriving, although not quite the way Maurice had envisioned it. How he loved to fantasize about how it would be someday. Maurice had persuaded me to get this organization started alrea

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