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​2020 Unball
April 1-30, 2020
Your home!

What a perfect year to NOT get together!
When planning our third annual Unball,
we had no idea how meaningful and how
important this non-function would be.
The Unball was designed, in prior years,
for busy people who wanted to stay
home with family while supporting the
life-changing work of Humanity for Prisoners.

The frivolous and whimsical concept for an Unball has been put aside in 2020!
This is serious business! You still don’t have to buy a dress or rent a tuxedo.
You still don’t have to do your hair or makeup. You still don’t have to get a sitter.
But, for the first time, you can honor the guidelines of our national and state leaders,
avoid the crowds, and support critical assistance to our prisoners!

Your donation WILL NOT be used to
rent a hall, pay a caterer, or hire entertainment.
Your donation WILL help
prisoners find estranged family members, obtain critical legal documents,
get urgently needed medical care, and prepare to return to society.

But most importantly during this national crisis, your dollars will
enable HFP staffers to stand in for family members, and just “be there” for prisoners!

Tickets are $75 each
(a real bargain considering this year’s needs!)
Sponsor a table to include your friends and family for $500

No donation is too large

Consider including “tips” with baby-sitter, manicure, and hair-cut savings

Don’t wait. Send reservation checks to PO Box 687, Grand Haven, MI 49417.

What COVID 19 means to you: Stay home!
What COVID 19 means to Michigan prisoners: No visits!
What Covid 19 means to HFP: Be there for them!

Jim Wallis

Tuesday, October 13

Jim Wallis, globally respected writer, teacher, preacher and justice advocate, will be the next in a stellar list of prominent authors brought to western Michigan by Humanity for Prisoners! More details will be released in months to come.

"Our calling is not only to pull people out of the river, but to go upstream to find out what or who is pushing them in."
Jim Wallis


Is  your church group or civic club in need of a dynamic speaker for your next conference or convention? Matt Tjapkes, President of HFP, is available to speak on such subjects as:

  •   Prison Healthcare
  •  Reentry Issues
  •  Prisoner Abuse
  •  Mentally Ill Prisoners
  •  Treatment of Women

No props necessary, no Powerpoint needed!

Contact HFP for more details at 616.935.0075 or info@humanityforprisoners.org

To see a past HFP presentation, click HERE

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