A brief overview of HFP activity in 2018

Our mission:
With compassion for Michigan’s imprisoned, HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS provides, promotes and ensures---with strategic partnerships---personalized, problem-solving services for persons serving time in order to alleviate suffering beyond the just administration of their sentences.

 Our Activity Report for 2018
            All records broken! Our team responded to 6,695 contacts!
            In March, a new monthly record was set, more than 600 calls!
            600 new names were added to our client list!
            Total client list exceeds 2,000!

HFP is the only agency that spends all of its time providing one-on-one practical assistance to those with real, everyday needs. While these requests for help cover a wide variety of topics, medical issues and Freedom of Information Act requests topped the list.

In addition, HFP staff members assisted more than 100 Michigan inmates in filing applications for a commutation of sentence.

Our Financial Report for 2018
For the second straight year, we met budget!
Adjusted 2018 budget: $220,907
Amount raised: $229,345!

 Our New Directors in 2018
Appointed to three-year terms on the HFP Board of Directors:
Pastor Rodney Gulley
Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige
Dr. K. Aaron Van Oosterhout
Dr. Veena Kulkarni-Rankin


   Loyd-Paige             Kulkarni-Rankin        Van Oosterhout               Gulley

 Our New Staff Member in 2018


Meet Susan Greenbauer,
Full-time HFP Client Specialist, assisting Executive Director Matt Tjapkes in the office

Our new legal counsel in 2018
Meet Grand Rapids attorney Brent Geers, providing invaluable legal assistance for our team.

Our new look in 2018
Thanks to kind and generous believers in our mission, HFP received a complete makeover last year, including logo, brochure, letterhead and business cards.

 Our New Product in 2018


HFP Vice President Holly Honig-Josephson created a new packet of information to assist prisoners as they prepare to meet with a member of the Michigan Parole Board, or prepare for a Public Hearing conducted by the Parole Board.

 Our New book in 2018



A compilation of blog posts written by HFP founder and president
Doug Tjapkes

 Our New Podcasts for 2019



In cooperation with DPZ Technology, Executive Director Matt Tjapkes and President Doug Tjapkes---both veteran broadcasters---began recording a new podcast regarding the work of HFP! The podcast will soon be made available to the general public.

 Our Prominent Author Tradition continued in 2018


HFP brought renowned Death Penalty foe and award-winning author Sister Helen Prejean to western Michigan for a public assembly. This marked the fourth consecutive year that HFP has brought a prominent author to our area for a community event!

 Our Yarn Project spun along in 2018!



HFP Board Member Judy VanderArk and her husband Pete estimate that they made at least 13 prison deliveries last year! They coordinate the efforts of 10-12 volunteers who pick up and pack up unused spools of yarn from a carpet factory, for use by Michigan inmates in hobby-craft projects. The men and women knit and crochet goods for the needy and homeless. Conservative estimates place the amount of yarn delivered in 2018 at more than 3,000 pounds!

Special thanks for services in 2018
To the battery of doctors and lawyers, in a wide variety of specialties, who remain on call 24/7 to help us with the multitude of medical and legal issues that come across our desk daily. We couldn’t do it without them!


 That’s it, in a nutshell. God blessed us with an amazing year! Heading into 2019 with an enlarged staff, more volunteers, a caring and active board and brand-new headquarters, we hope to be more effective than ever before! HFP: touching lives daily for more than 18 years!

“You see the needy and downtrodden and lonely and abused and actually do something for them - and your goal is not to get them to your church, but to be the hands and heart of Christ.”
Fr. Greg Boyle

Thank you for your interest, your prayers and your support.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas J. Tjapkes
Founder and President

Our consultant insisted that our annual report should be a publication of at least 8 pages, and in full color. That, he said, would be effective in gaining support for the new year.

For an agency that pinches pennies in order to get the most out of every gift to assist Michigan prisoners, that suggestion rang hollow.

Contending that our friends are far too busy to sit down and read 8 pages of HFP gushing, and that HFP dollars are far too precious to be spending on extravagant booklets, I’ve prepared a modest summary of our incredible year to share on-line. No printing costs!

Please take a few minutes to savor this chapter of our exciting journey.


Annual Report