• Doug Tjapkes

A client shares his good news with HFP:

"I wanted to reach out today to thank Humanity for Prisoners and share a try blessing in these troubled times. I was granted a positive parole decision yesterday! 05/11/2021 will be the start of the end of a 5 to 10 year prison sentence with a 12 month parole! This parole is made possible through God Almighty and wonderful organizations such as Yours, Humanity for Prisoners. Institutions are often ignored or an after thought in modern society. Making it a difficult system to navigate with feelings of anxiety and loneliness for so many inmates, I myself included. Unfortunately COVID-19 has complicated an already complicated Institutional and Judicial system but Humanity for Prisoners has been a source of: advocation, direction and change. I thank every person who associates, supports, volunteers or represent your organization, thank you!"

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