• Doug Tjapkes

A Cry for Help

A number of Humanity for Prisoners clients at Cotton Correctional Facility have contacted HFP in recent days, echoing concerns of an upcoming unit move:

"We were notified that TF unit prisoners will be moving to TC unit due to an inspection by an outside inspector which condemned TF unit due to the roof caving in. During the facility inspection, TC unit was not inspected because no prisoners were housed there. TC unit has been shut down for 3-6 months due to an infestation of vermin, mold, and other violations. TC unit is in deplorable living conditions in violation of the Eighth Amendment. "We need your help. We cannot be housed in that environment. I am afraid of being retaliated against... Staff have been quoted saying that those of us who refuse will be physically removed and thrown in TC unit."

HFP has and will continue to raise the concerns of our clients with this potential move less than a week away. If you'd like to raise these concerns, you can contact your state representative at and your state senator at to share your thoughts.

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