• Doug Tjapkes

A typical COVID story

An HFP client shares his COVID experience: "I was placed in a cell here at RGC with a bunkee, I tested negative for COVID and he tested positive. They refused to move either of us for three days, even though I diligently requested to be protected. The next week I tested positive for COVID, obviously due to MDOC's neglect and indifference. I was kept in a 6" by 9" cell for almost three days with another prisoner that had tested positive for COVID while I tested negative. "Then health care failed to treat me or even see me. I was given a sheet of CDC guidelines that stated I was to be seen twice a day by health care staff. I wasn't seen for 14 days. I was denied laundry services for two weeks as well as cleaning supplies. I was told by staff that they were overwhelmed and could not treat everyone, could not keep us safe and did not have the staff to provide us with necessary hygiene services."

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