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Behind Bars - The Twilight Zone?

From a whistle-blower at Muskegon CF: "It's never a good thing when the administration breaks out the shields and batons. The landscape here is one that brings to mind a sci-fi novel. One cannot allow themselves to be fooled by the peaceful and beautiful fall colors. You could probably best describe this atmosphere as something you might see in an episode of the Twilight Zone. You are intrigued by your surroundings in one instance, and then shocked and horrified in the next. Where else are you going to see ( in real life) men dressed in ninja attire carrying shields and clubs as they storm a building to remove men who have audibly disagreed with the administration when ordered into a situation where there is a good chance (almost 100%) that they will catch a virus that could kill them? The answer is... Muskegon Michigan.. USA."

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