• Doug Tjapkes

COVID Concerns at Carson City

A client at Carson City CF writes: "Matt: I had seen you on Fox17 News last night, and because it incorporated a topic that I've long since been trying adamantly to draw attention to within this specific facility... (today), a non-medical personnel (assisting a nurse conducting nasal swab testing) began stating, "I've had a pretty high fever all morning. I think someone is going to need to check my temp once we're done with this testing". My immediate question is: How was this staff member even permitted access through the sallyport (if temps are legitimately being taken of all whom are attempting to enter into this facility)* This staff, shortly after making this statement, was escorted off of the compound seated within a wheelchair. It's out of control. They continue to move guys all around, pre, amid, and post-testing, with no regard for whether or not each is positive. Please advise as to what we should do, PLEASE!!!"

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