• Doug Tjapkes


A client at Carson City CF talks about his surroundings: "We have been doing weekly COVID tests, and it is pretty scary being locked in so close together. There is no opportunity for social distancing. They enforce wearing masks, and let us have less yard, but I have to come back in here and sleep on a top bunk less than three feet from the bottom bunk. I just hope to survive it, since it is almost certain I will be exposed. I have come too far to die in here now. When a test comes back positive, we are just scooped up at night and swept away. Our families are not notified, we are not allowed to contact anyone. I don't believe there is true transparency like they pretend. Inmates on top-lock or LOP (not allowed out of cell for yard) are only able to shower 2-3 days per week. We are lucky to clean our rooms weekly, and we can only get cleaning supplies from officers."

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