• Doug Tjapkes

Elderly Struggles

An HFP client shares concerns about elderly fellow inmates:

"There are so many elderly men in poor health here. It is true that convicts will often lend a hand to help them, even if it means going to the toilet. Those too infirm to walk may have an assistant assigned, but too many of them merely push them in their wheelchair, or do a half-assed job of cleaning their client's room, etc. The other week I saw Polecat struggling to simply walk back from health care, so I escorted him to ensure he didn't fall. Sadly, there's little you can do for these old-timers outside of advocating for their release. They are at the oh-so-tender mercies of our for-profit health care company when it comes to meeting their medical needs. After my experience with health issues in 2013 I'm jaded to the deepest green against such a system."

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