• Doug Tjapkes


Lament from a prisoner at Muskegon CF: "On any given day this facility runs approximately a dozen CO's short of what it would take in order to fully open. As this drama develops, even more CO's go on stress leave, opt out for retirement, or just outright quit in retaliation for the way the administration here has handled the pandemic in this facility. I know that there are a lot of people who would not understand, or care about, how horrible this has been for us. My personal experience: On the heels of my near-death experience with the virus, they have taken every single activity that I participated in. We are forced to live like we are in a level 5 facility. No regular yard. No activities. Less than an hour of being outdoors a few times a week. That usually gets cancelled more times than not because there are not enough staff to allow for it."

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