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Remembering a lost friend

Prisons are their own communities, and the loss of a friend still has a sting. Our client Mr. J eulogizes HFP client Reginald Williams: "We are saddened to announce the recent passing of Reginald C. Williams, Jr., long-standing Chairman of the National Lifers of America, Inc. (NLA). Reggie was born May 29, 1948, and passed away on October 13, 2020. Reggie was a prolific advocate for criminal justice reform and social justice. He led the NLA many years and will be greatly missed. Reggie was respected and loved by many. There are so many positive attributes to list about Reggie and his life. It is extremely difficult to sit here and think about losing another dear friend way too early. Lord, please open the Gates of Heaven giving Reggie a full welcome. We will miss him greatly, but we are happy to know he has returned home to You. Lord, please let Reggie know we will continue to fight for criminal justice reform and social justice, and carry on his legacy within the NLA. Amen. Please keep Reggie, his family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time. God bless you my brother, rest in peace."

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