• Doug Tjapkes

Sanitation Problems at WHV

A client at Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility updates HFP: "The staff here are very restrictive in our use of cleaning materials, disinfectants, paper towels, rags, gloves, watered down bleach, etc. Then some COs talk about how dirty we are, and act like we are contagious...all the while denying us items to clean with. Our request to have a hand sanitizer dispenser installed at the guard stations was flatly denied. Our request, then, to have a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer made available for us to purchase at our store has had no response. We have to share a telephone, JPay kiosk, store kiosk and other items with 100-200 women. Signs remind us to clean them after each use, but again, that ability is not given to us!"

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