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  • Doug Tjapkes

Somber COVID report

A somber COVID report from an inmate at Saginaw CF "Okay. I'm still alive. There were a few days I was beginning to think the alternative would be better. In fact, right up until this morning, I couldn't catch my breath and thought I'd end up going to the hospital. This odd disease changed after just a three-hour nap. Suddenly, I didn't have to gasp to breathe and I had an appetite. The extreme fatigue remains, as does the fuzzy thinking, but thankfully the body cramps are gone. I'm not celebrating quite yet as the dark joke here is, "Okay, it's a new hour. What's your new symptom?" As bad as I am, a couple dog handlers just might end up going to the hospital if their ailments don't change. Last week the total at Saginaw was 1,039 cases along with three dead. Another friend is on a ventilator and doesn't look good. This brings to 14 the number of men I've known who've died of COVID. The Michigan total so far is 125 prisoners." (Two more deaths have happened since, bringing the total to 127)

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