• Doug Tjapkes

Sonny is the sunny one!

Sonny writes to HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS from behind bars: I’m writing to let you know that I appreciate your help. I’ve been dealing with this situation for over two decades and I’m glad that you exist. I have lost a lot of family, friends and loved ones over the years, and their support. HFP is that ray of sunshine when one feels hopeless! It will not be forgotten or underappreciated! Sonny then goes on to give us the name of an incarcerated friend, asking if we can shine a little sunshine on him, as well. Sonny doesn’t realize that we’re on a two-way street. It’s true that we love spreading sunshine. With 50 to 100 calls and messages coming in everyday, all dealing with prison problems and issues, members of our team will do their very best to help brighten someone’s day. BUT, it’s also important for us to let Sonny and his friends know that the reverse is also true: they shed heavenly light on our dreary days! Those 50 to 100 calls weigh on our hearts and minds, so a kind message to HFP means a lot, as well. Sonny’s message is not uncommon. Yet we cherish every one of them! And we feel the sunshine in other ways. Two incarcerated persons sent donations to HFP last week! One person behind bars sent a reservation to the HFP Unball! Residents of an Ionia facility sent a $500 gift from their Prisoner Benefit Fund! So, to you and your friends Sonny, thanks for brightening our day! “Let there always be a bright spot in your heart for the people around you. They might need a bit of sunshine.” ― Ron Baratono

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