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  • Doug Tjapkes

Testing Positive in Muskegon

I tested positive for COVID on September 12th, but looking back I contracted earlier than that from my cell mate. He was having symptoms and tried to see someone in Health Service on September 1st but there was no professional nurse or any other professional here at this facility that could see him. On September 2nd, Health Service saw him and they ultimately admitted him to segregation where they were quarantining guys. This administration left me in the cell with all his infected stuff till September 5th. And they had me touch all his infected stuff, when they asked me to pack up all his belongings. I contracted the virus when I was left in the room inhaling his infected stuff! Dealing with this COVID 19 is a STRESS on you mentally! The Warden really dropped the ball dealing with COVID 19 and protecting us from it!!!!!!

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