writer of prayers, he would often forward information to her about actual experiences with prisoners.  She would respond by writing a prayer.   Publisher Dirk Wierenga, who also supervised the publishing of Doug's book SWEET FREEDOM, labels the realistic prayers as "gritty."'  

A collection of challenging and sometimes outspoken perspectives from the pen of the HFP founder, a proven champion of the humane treatment of the incarcerated.

With compassion for Michigan’s imprisoned, Humanity for Prisoners provides and promotes, with their strategic partnerships, a personalized, problem-solving service for incarcerated persons. Their intent is to alleviate suffering beyond the just administration of their sentences. This book is a collection of short stories exemplifying their plight.

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The story of HFP President and former broadcast journalist Doug Tjapkes, as he leads a team of volunteers on a mission to gain the release of Maurice Carter, a wrongly convicted prisoner serving a life sentence. The true story of an unlikely friendship between a white middle-class broadcast journalist and an African-American serving a life sentence in prison for a crime he did not commit. An amazing account of outrageous injustice contrasts with a poignant and sometimes humorous tale of two men who became brothers in faith.

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An old-style gospel music CD featuring HFP President Doug Tjapkes on piano, Dr. John Mulder on vocals and guitar along with the supporting musical talents of Cal Olson and Lee Ingersoll.

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Why? - Answers to difficult questions from prisoners and their families

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I was in prison, and... - One week of daily devotions designed to center your thoughts on persons in prison, and persons with family members in prison.
Louise Reichert has served as an unofficial representative of HFP in the Upper Peninsula for the past several years.  When HFP President Doug Tjapkes learned that she was a gifted