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Founder/Former President


Man’s inhumanity to man (and woman) seems to be more pronounced behind bars. My two previous careers were simply preparation for this one, in which I have felt the calling to make “good trouble.”

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Interim Executive Director


During my tenure at Calvin Seminary I began to work with prisoners and it has become a passion of mine.


 Office Manager


I find joy and meaning in using the empathy I have always had to help others. I believe in our mission in delivering compassion.  We don't know what people were born in to and the shaping that took place for them as a child. We are not here to judge, but to help make the world a little better with kindness.


Volunteer Manager


As a Legal Studies and Criminal Justice undergraduate student, my passions for prison reform and altruism led me to my position with HFP in 2021. I am extremely passionate about our mission, and I look forward to continuing our work by ensuring that incarcerated people and their families know that they matter regardless of their circumstances.


Client Services Assistant


What started out as a desire to volunteer has parlayed itself into life changing passion to help those who feel unheard and assure them that we not only hear them, but genuinely care.

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Client Services Assistant


As a formerly incarcerated juvenile lifer with 30 years of experience in litigation, Mitchell has become very knowledgeable in the legal profession, state and federal court systems, and the Michigan Department of Corrections. He's able to apply all that knowledge to help HFP clients navigate the system. 

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Eric Wilkins, LMSW-Clinical

Licensed Therapist

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John M. Rottman, Th.D.

Professor of Preaching Emeritus, Calvin Theological Seminary

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Mary Margaret Grillo

Charity and Justice Commission, St. Patrick- St. Anthony Parish

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Dave Bardolph

Accountant, Calvin Theological Seminary.

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Ronald Bultje, J.D.

Government Affairs Attorney

HFP Board of Directors

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James Niewenhuis, M.D.



Nancy Pagan

Owner, Fancy's Tokens

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Onesiphorus Burrel

Former Chaplain, MDOC

Pastor/founder West Shoreline Community Church

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Russell Bloem

HFP Board Chair, former pharmaceutical executive 


Joseph Haveman

Former Michigan State Representative,

Hope Network

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Marla Mitchell-Cichon, J.D.

Director of WMU-Cooley Innocence Project

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