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The Lives We Impact

"I'm sure that you are aware that my friend Rocky has passed away. I just wanted to thank-you for all of your efforts on behalf of Rocky, the family, and all of the inmates that you so generously and selflessly assist in their times of need. What you spoke of concerning the need for hospice care in the prison system is something that should be implemented, and anything I can do to be of assistance to you...Please feel free to let me know. I pray that the Good Lord will bless you and yours... That He will surround you with His hedge of protection, and send His angels (like yourself) to administer to you as you do God's work of compassion in the darkest of places. Thank-you"


MDOC Prisoner

"My husband passed away while still in prison and did not get the medical parole we were praying for, but HFP kept on helping me get through my grief. I know that my husband is in heaven, healthier and happier than he's ever been, and while I wait to join him there, I intend to help support HFP in whatever ways I can. This organization understands our concerns and feels our pain like few others can."


Mrs. B,

Widow of MDOC Prisoner

Prisoner Advocacy

Humanity for Prisoners is the only organization in the state of Michigan that works one-on-one with inmates in the Michigan prison system.  We personally respond to each inquiry.

To learn more about HFP, to join our mail or email lists, or if you have a question, a concern, a request or an urgent need, don't hesitate to contact HFP.

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