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Changing lives.
Shaping stories.
since 2001. 


“I wanted to let you all know I am truly, truly grateful for your love, your support, and your courage during the struggle for my freedom.”



“It is obvious that the people at Humanity for Prisoners care. Their default answer is not 'no,' their default answer is 'how can I help?' When you reach out to Humanity for Prisoners... they give you that humanity.”

Mary Kay H.

“I would like to tell the world don't just assume because somebody's been sent to prison that they're a bad person… they're worth helping. Humanity for Prisoners has given us on the outside hope... and they give the women there hope.”

James h.

“What made it possible for me to get my freedom after the 34 years I was in prison was a young man named Doug Tjapkes. He was so interested in my case and me that I opened up and shared everything with him, and he opened up and shared with me. When it comes to caring about a person, especially an inmate, this organization is the real deal… there is nothing like it.”

Joe J.

“They were willing to do whatever they could to let you know that someone out there still cares about you, even though they don't know you.” 


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Alex Kotlowitz

“You go out into the world, you spend time in our prisons. Places which have become black holes in our country, places purposely disconnected from the rest of us and humanity ... for prisoners go into these walled compounds and bear witness. You let us see what you see, and hear what you hear. You put us in the shoes of others, and that indeed is the centripetal force of storytelling.”
“People want to be heard. It’s just a human necessity, it’s so central to who we are as humans and it's one of the things I so admire about Humanity for Prisoners. They go out and listen. They listen to the grievances, their lists of people in prison, they listen to their wants, their needs, and this is a population that is completely purposely disconnected from the rest of society.”


“Humanity for Prisoners reaffirmed many of the things I felt inside - my life was not over by being in the prison environment, that I could still make contributions, maybe not on the outside, but I was having an impact on what I was doing on the inside. There were people who believed if you are pure of heart, you deserve a second chance, and they are willing to give you a second chance.”

Sr. Helen Prejean

“When we hear the stories, and we put it against our own privileged, cushioned, protected, resourced life; we begin to develop humility and gratitude … we begin to realize ‘I’m not just going there for those prisoners’ - it’s what they also give to me.” ​


“By the time I left in February 2018, we had made and donated well over 350 lap blankets and full-size afghans to disabled vets ... that’s just because of Doug and Humanity for Prisoners stepping up to help us out.”


“The humanity which pours from this wonderful group of people is remarkable and demonstrates what it means to serve others by focusing more on the mission and not so much on the reward. The folks over at HFP are cheerful givers - extending themselves to help others and not looking for anything in return. They are the epitome on how the Law of Giving should be applied.


My husband passed away while still in prison and did not get the medical parole we were praying for, but HFP kept on helping me get through my grief. I know that my husband is in heaven, healthier and happier than he's ever been, and while I wait to join him there, I intend to help support HFP in whatever ways I can. This organization understands our concerns and feels our pain like few others can.
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